The third project meeting- Turkey 21-27.10.2014

Meeting in Turkey, Balikesir 21-27.10.2014 Ice-breaking activity: Post by Five Senses – Comenius. Post by Five Senses – Comenius. Views from local mass-media: Post by Five Senses – Comenius. Post by Five

The second project meeting – 25 – 31.03.2014 Italy


Meeting group in Poland


Project logo

Author: Mihaela-Florentina Tudor, 5th Grade, Gymnasium nr. 1  Dichiseni School, Calarasi County

First project meeting – 12.11 – 18.11.2013 – Poland

Visual Journal about our first meeting in Poland at Gimnazjum im.ks.Stanisława Konarskiego w Grybowie First day at school in Grybów 13.11.2013 Project tasks – Our schools, Our friends, Logo competition, Christmas cards,

Project Objectives

Five Senses

  Five senses is a project in which we want to create a closer friendship among European students and teachers, show them treasures hidden in our culture, history and geography, develop social